Doing things right: Developing products with quality in mind

We care very much about our products and their impact on our customers. In order to ensure a high level of quality, we created a Quality Management System (QMS) which governs the activities of the Scionics Product Division: Design, development, implementation and sales of our scientific IT products and related consulting and training activities. This ensures that our products, such as PyRAT, are of the utmost quality.

The main goals of our QMS are the following:
  • We want our software to be easy to learn and easy to use
  • We want our software to have the features that our customers need
  • We want our customers to be satisfied with our software and with our services

To be certain we are meeting these goals, we keep in very close contact with our clients to know what they think about our software. We ask them if the current features meet their needs and how we should implement new features. From input we received via customer feedback forms, we have optimized our service and training to be sure our clients are satisfied and their expectations met or exceeded, and we continue to strive to improve. Most importantly, with our QMS, we can prove that we maintain a very high level of customer satisfaction, not just because we ask the clients, but because we track our progress over time.

Our clients and potential clients can rest assured that our QMS can effectively perform these tasks because it has been audited by a third party and ISO 9001:2015 certified.