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Welcome to Scionics Computer Innovation

Scionics Computer Innovation is an IT service and software provider specializing in solutions for the biological science research community. With more than 15 years of experience working in scientific research environments, our highly qualified professionals have diverse skills and extensive experience in scientific research, IT consulting, and outsourced settings. By utilizing state-of-the-art technologies, we provide our customers the best technical solutions possible for their research needs.


Python-based Relational Animal Tracking

PyRAT is a web-based lab animal colony management software that enables comprehensive and transparent handling of animal facility data. As it is web-based, this data is easily and securely accessible from anywhere with Internet or intranet capabilities, offering users convenient and time-saving off-site access. PyRAT's many features aim at reducing and simplifying the overall administrative workload of the facility manager.

Main Benefits Of Using PyRAT

PyRAT provides simplification and automation of work processes, thereby increasing efficiency, reducing costs, and improving reliability of data. All relevant data is stored in a central database and is accessed via an Internet or intranet connection, providing real-time information anytime, anywhere. Process efficiency is greatly improved through automation of standard procedures and administration. Automatic notification of events results in better responsiveness to potentially critical issues.


Scionics is dedicated to providing consulting and IT solutions to help scientists and scientific organizations reach their research and administrative goals.

Scionics provides consultation on a wide range of IT issues in half-day and larger time blocks.

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Outsourcing of IT services is a common element in private companies' structures aimed at reducing costs as well as improving quality and service levels through economies of scale and specialization.

Scionics has significant outsourcing experience and offers services for parts or all of a research institution's IT needs.

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The Scionics Bioinformatics team has more than ten years experience analyzing biological datasets both large and small.

All of our workflows include extensive reporting and quality control steps so that you can be confident in the data analysis we provide.

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