PyRAT Transgenic Edition

For those whose work involves the creation of transgenic animals, we offer PyRAT Transgenic. This software has all of the features of PyRAT but with added functionality for transgenic facilities. These features are seamlessly integrated with PyRAT, allowing the entire life of a transgenic animal to be tracked, from embryo to adult, all in one place.

PyRAT Transgenic's Main Features

Cryopreservation database

  • Detailed graphical representation of tanks
  • Embryo and sperm freezing


  • Embryo and sperm revitalization
  • Rederivation of a line/strain through embryo transfer


  • Real-time
  • Transfer reports including offspring


  • Getting started documents available in PyRAT
  • Easy data handling (single/multiple embryo groups or sperm volumes)
  • User configurable views and filters
  • Automated notifications and warnings

Seamless integration with PyRAT

  • Ordering of donors
  • Plug-check
  • Sampling procedures
  • Genotyping
  • Cage cards
Work on this product is governed by our ISO 9001:2015 certified Quality Management System (QMS)
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Demo Installation

Scionics offers access to an obligation free private demo installation of PyRAT Transgenic, allowing potential clients to experience the software firsthand.
For log-in information, along with general enquiries, contact us at products[at]
or by phone at +49 351 202 707 00.