PyRAT Animal Facility Software

Python-based Relational Animal Tracking

PyRAT is our web-based lab animal colony management software designed to increase animal facility efficiency, mitigate compliance risks, and provide central access to data for all stakeholders including researchers, facility managers, facility staff and others. All data is safely stored in a central, backed-up, database which is easily and securely accessible from anywhere with Internet or intranet capabilities, offering users convenient and time-saving off-site access. Designed and continuously refined in close collaboration with our users, PyRAT has proven a stable software solution since its introduction in 2003. Available in English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish, it has become the leading animal facility software solution in Europe and is used by facilities around the world.

Main Benefits of Using PyRAT

PyRAT mitigates compliance risks by tracking communication and authorizations. Billing and cost accounting allows for efficient use of time and resources. Access to data and features is controlled, and users can customize and store their view of their data. This ensures that the right people see the right information, in the way that they want to see it. Automatic notification of events results in better responsiveness to potentially critical issues. PyRAT provides simplification and automation of work processes, which increases efficiency, reduces costs, and improves data reliability. The result is saved time and money with less work and less worry.

PyRAT's Main Features


  • Location management
  • Occupancy report
  • Cage card/Cage label printing


  • Full history tracking
  • Authorization management (according to directive 2010/63/EU)
  • Severity assessment for genetically modified lines
  • User management, Active Directory/LDAP integration
  • SOP management


  • Extended line/strain management
  • Generation tracking
  • Animal and line/strain pedigree graphs


  • Genotyping stickers for Eppendorf tubes
  • Import of genotyping results into PyRAT (Transnetyx‘s generated XML files, CSV based files)


  • Real-time reporting (weaning and breeding information, animal and cage usage, etc.)
  • Generation of European statistical report (according to directives 2012/707/EU and 2014/11/EU)


  • Animal ordering (internal or from commercial suppliers)
  • Special services ordering


  • Authorization tracking
  • Procedures
  • Document uploads
  • Comment system


  • Work request system enabling effective communication between scientists, caretakers, and managers
  • Full history of all requests and completed tasks

Budgeting and invoices

  • Quickly retrieve budgeting information for animal housing, orders, procedures, or any kind of service
  • Individual layouts for invoices


  • Getting started documents available in PyRAT
  • Easy data handling (single/multiple animals or cages)
  • User configurable views and filters
  • Automated notifications and warnings (emails)
Work on this product is governed by our ISO 9001:2015 certified Quality Management System (QMS)
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Demo Installation

Scionics offers access to an obligation free private demo installation of PyRAT, allowing potential clients to experience the software firsthand.
For log-in information, along with general enquiries, contact us at products[at]
or by phone at +49 351 202 707 00.